Manufacturing industry with old traditions

TURAB was founded the year 1965.

Short about us

TURAB, Turbin- och regulatorservice AB was founded in 1965 by Uno Leander and Boye Rooth. They had many years of experience from Nässjö Turbin AB and good customer relations.

After a modest start, the company has grown continually and today it has 35 employees. 1984 the company was taken over by Christer Abrahamsson and Ingvar Andersson who have been in leading positions since then.

In 1978 service and refurbishment was complemented by manufacturing of new turbines. This was possible thanks to a technical cooperation with the well-reputed turbine designer Herman A. Lindquist. His research and long experience is at our and our customer’s disposal.

Our workplace has a long average time of employment (11.2 years), resulting in a collective experience of almost 400 years in design, manufacturing and maintenance of water turbines.