Manufacturing of new turbines

From idea to contract. Read more about our manufacturing of new water turbines below.

We manufacture new water turbines

Water turbine selection for new power plants is done with care by knowledgeable and experienced engineers. Based on properties like head, discharge, flow duration, existing power plant, estimated building costs, tube layout and others, TURAB can decide which solution is best. In addition to the turbine, we can also offer generator and control equipment. We use the latest generation of software for all design work and manufacturing. In 3D CAD environments, advanced designs allow for complicated imbedding in existing power plants. A scenario that is common worldwide.

A close customer relationship make the end result an installation that corresponds to the wishes and expectations of the customer. Through many years of servicing older power plants, and through continual follow-ups of turbines delivered by us, we have acquired genuine knowledge of good solutions. This has given TURAB first-hand information about which materials and components that meet the quality demands of long-term operation.

Tidigare projekt - Kvarnfallet 2012 Ø1700 mm

  • Installation of draft tubes

  • Turbine in works

  • Turbine being lifted into place

  • Turbine installed in flume

  • Turbine hall

Axial flow turbine, bulb design

Up to 10m head. Very high water through-put.

Axial flow turbine in open pit

Up to 10m head. High water through-put.

Axial flow turbine in sump

Up to 10m head. High water through-put.

Axial flow turbine tube setup

Up to 25m head. Is manufactured in many variations depending on the needs.

Kaplanturbin i sump

For 4-10m head. Suitable for replacing Francis turbines.

Kaplan turbine with concrete spiral

For 4-25m head. Good part load properties.

Kaplan turbine with steel spiral

For 25-50m head. Good with varying head.

Francis turbine, vertical

For 30-200m head. Suitable for modest tube lengths.

Francis turbine, horizontal

For 30-200m head. Suitable for water hammer effects , because big flywheels can be mounted.